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Women's Empowerment

Empowering the women is not about pitching women up against men, in some hypothetical evolutionary race for survival.

It's about giving your fellow female passengers to the grave, all the rights that have been unequivocally monopolized by men for centuries.

Why Women Empowerment???

Half a sphere can never roll across a floor like a sphere

Women form the neglected, unheard half part of the Indian development sphere which had been trying to roll to life for years. For our country to grow as a culture, economy or just flourish, we need to heed to this part of the society. Women are better multitaskers than men. And if trained can prove to be a better foundation on which our society can further thrive.

We cannot just lay down the reason to be equality and morality. Yes, women deserve to be treated equally, yes; they deserve everything to be given to them rightfully back that had been denied to them for centuries. But no, that’s not the only reason we want them to be more strong. The more selfish reason is that it is the need of the hour.It has been acknowledged by UN, proved significantly by government made policies that money channeled to empower women, skill development programs upheld to make women independent drive the economy of any country ahead more powerfully as compared to when men oriented programs are initiated.

More importantly the focus is on the rural women who has the responsibility of an entire family upon them and are struggling to keep up. These women when taught the proper business regime and innovation schemes with the notion of collective growth turn out to be successful entrepreneurs uplifting their family out of the web of debt while advancing others around them.

Impact of Empowerment

Making women strong and independent is one of the most important initiative of Akshara because a woman is the first teacher of her child, the nurturer of her family the binding strength of a community. And giving her a direction is giving one step towards giving the country a direction.

Akshara has already initiated activity for 40 women in Thane associating with StriShakti Mahila Nagari Seva Sahakari Ltd (Regd). Our team organized several skillset programs, communication and interaction sessions, counselling sessions, personality development classes along with setting up a help desk for women.

Akshara work towards providing financially challenged women relevant placements depending on their skill analysis and capabilities.

Our Vision

Supporting those who can't. The unrecognized unsung women, the mothers, and sisters in the rural and even urban India struggling in their signature silent fashion. To analyze and hon their skills and provide them with a dignified job with a pay scale that sustains their family.

Our Mission

  • To develop a team of skilled professionals to impart training to rural women
  • To collaborate with several business firms making them aware of Akshara’s motive and provide relevant job opportunities to women.
  • To channel funds accumulated by individual or institutional donors or fund raising events smartly in these skillset imparting programs to give the best knowledge experience.
  • To take these temporary programs to a whole new level by investing on institutes in these rural areas that work permanently for this cause.

Motivational Program

The term Women Empowerment refers to the increasing of the spiritual, social, political or economic strength of all women. It is frequently seen that the motivation or the empowered in their capacities develop confidence.

Akshara arranges motivational program once in every month for the women. Around 100-150 women are benefited by such motivational program.

The reputed motivational trainers are invited for this program from Mumbai & Pune. It is totally free of cost, to all participating women. Tea, Breakfast & Lunch is also arranged for them. This motivational program really helps women to build up confidence in them.

MS-CIT Course

Basic knowledge of computers is very essential for any job profile. There are number of computer courses for different sectors MS-CIT is the best course for the beginners as it includes everything for example Tally, graphic designing,& basic knowledge of all the essential programs. The certificate which is given after passing the MS-CIT exam also has the great value everywhere.

The women candidates who are interested in computers such 10 candidates are selected for each term of six months i.e. yearly 20 women candidates are benefited under this program.

Fees for the whole MS-CIT course which is 3500/- per woman candidate are paid by Akshara on behalf of them. Akshara has started this program to promote more & more women to be benefited & get computer knowledge. It is specialy started for the women who can’t afford to pay the fees & to motivate them.

Job Opportunity

Akshara has introduced the placement program to give job opportunity to the women who have need of work & want to start earning again by doing job after long gap.

Due to number of reasons like marriage, children etc many women take long break in their career, after long period they again want to start work & start earning for their family but most of them fail due to lack of guidance & they have to face many difficulties. Akshara helps such women who want to work again. Proper guidance is given by the professionals which is totally free of cost. Akshara acts as a mediator between the employers & the women candidates who really want to work.