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Akshara Scholarship Program

AKSHARA SAMAJIK PRATHISHTHAN is a Charitable and Educational Trust bearing registration No. F-38689 dated 29th June 2009. The Trust is registered with charity commissioner’s office at Mumbai. It was Founded by Mr. Amol Vanjare along with his close friends and relatives to provide quality high-class education to the rural masses specially tribal areas.

The Trust runs and manages the overall development of children through the programmes held in the educational field in the schools at Village Shei near Vashind, it’s a small backward village 15 kms from Vashind Rly Station, also tribal dominated areas like Sakharwadi and Gondhalipada, even though there is a vast potential for growth, the area has remained backward as far as education, agriculture and industrialization is concerned and there is a death of education in all field which is the need of the hour considering the challenges of globalization.

At present we are implementing scholarship program in tribal area allover Maharashtra. Schools in the tribal area which approach us for conducting all the program of Akshara in their schools. From all these schools we select Twenty schools where the condition of students as well as school is very poor & also where there is very much need of scholarship program as well as all other facilities.

Akshara Scholarship is given to the Ten bright student who fulfills all the criteria for scholarship from these twenty schools. Total scholarship of Rupees Fifteen Thousands (Details given below) is given to these ten students. To help the student from tribal area by giving them scholarships. Under this program the trust is going to provide educational as well as primary expenses of Rs.15,000/- per child to this selected ten students.

Details info of AKSHARA Scholarship Program

Particulars Amount
1 Nutritional Food 9000.00
2 School Bag, Educational Material 750.00
3 2 (Two) Sets of Uniform 1000.00
4 2 Sets of shoes Black/White 750.00
5 Other Basic Needs 750.00
6 Study Class Fees 2000.00
7 2 Sets of clothes to wear at home 750.00
Total 15,000.00

Bank Details For Online Donation

Bank Name ICICI Bank
SB A/C No. 124301000950
Branch Curry Road Branch (Mumbai)
IFS Code ICIC0001243