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Director's View

"Poverty does not belong in a civilized human society its proper place is in a museum", said Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus who is the founder of Grameen Bank.

India as a country is split virtually in two sections of people. One who gets everything and the other which is denied of everything. The top 4% population earns more than the bottom 50%. And the government despite several schemes and policies is unable to bridge the gap as we wait for years after independence.

In the era where social commentary is the trending foray and criticism is at the tip of everyone’s tongue, it’s time to start doing something.

I, with my team have decided to step up. Because we don’t like the present scenario of settling poverty, consuming hunger , isolation, helplessness and faithlessness , so we decided to change it.

Those, with a tin for a roof and stagnant eyes devoid of any hope have stopped expecting us. They suffer silently, mute and miserable. Is this the way we imagine the world around us to be? Is our life even worth if we don’t change atleast one life remarkably!

With kindness and a helping hand join us in Akshara Samajik Prathishthan’s efforts to make a difference. Because just one match has the power to create an explosion.

Let’s change the world by taking one step forward towards this needy.

- Mr. Amol D. Vanjare
(Founder Director)