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Health Care

Akshara Samajik Pratishthan has a very important aim of providing the very basic thing required to sustain life. It is a fundamental right mentioned in our constitution and despite that remains devoid to many- Right to Health Care.

Our country even after having several government healthcare institutes lacks the proper health and living standards. Because these institutes remain mere buildings unequipped with proper medical support. The public drinking water remains polluted and epidemics remain prevalent.

Akshara plans on taking initiatives, collaborating with several medical firms, to provide basic healthcare at minimalistic prices and if possible,free.

UN studies reveal that India lacks miserably in it’s healthcare provision sector at ground level. To improve the standard of living ,basic healthcare is preliminary.


Akshara evisions a future of a healthy disease free society.


  • Associating with medical firms and healthcare units making them aware of Akshara Pratishthan’s motive and working together
  • Channeling the funds accumulated from individual and institutional donors and funneling it into smart medical checkup programs
  • Carrying out vaccination drives in rural India and educating the people on children vaccinations.

Appeal to Donors for Medical Cause