Akshara Smart School

What we see registers in our memory in a more concrete manner as compared to what we read or listen. Visuals register in human memory like snapshots involuntarily. And that’s why modern notion of a school is the one that is digitized. And that is what we envision.

Akshara Pratishthan not only aims to conquer people with education but to digitize it as well.

And henceforth we plan to convert these schools in tribal area of Shei, Gondhalipada & Sakharwadi to Smart Schools. It serves a dual purpose of revolutionizing the education sector in India with a better more refined way of education as well as driving the kids in slum and other vulnerable section to schools by providing an attractive option that’s hard to resist.

Smart schools provide digital learning classes that are better in so many way when compared to regular classroom lessons -

  • Visual treat to the eye
  • More accurate themes and better understanding.
  • Easy registration in memory because of the human mind’s tendency to take screenshots of visuals.
  • Easy and fun teaching experience to the teaching staff.
  • Improving effectiveness and productivity in nurturing a child with knowledge.

Required Things for Per Smart School (Per Unit)

School Building Renovation Amount
1 School Building Renovation 1,50,000
2 LED Projector 25,000
3 Computer 25,000
4 Tab for students (5 Units) 25,000
5 Inter-Active White Board 40,000
6 Solar System 30,000
Total 2,95,000

Support for Child Education

all donations are exempted u/s 80 G of IT Act.

Akshara Samajik Pratishthan is an NGO providing a platform for the children in the tribal area. We are trying to reduce the gap between the children in the prosperous society & children in underprivileged area.

You're one step towards them will be the beginning of the positive change in their life. We are like bridge between people like you who want to do something for this child & the number of children who live in such tribal area.

We hereby appeal to all to contribute in our new Project of “Smart School” by e-learning digital school. So please do come forward & support us. Your support will be our strength & vision for bright tomorrow.

Akshara is going to make one smart school every year. Around 20 to 30 schools all over Maharashtra apply for smart school for this application one school is selected where there is more need for this project.