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About Akshara

Akshara Samajik Pratishthan is a non-profit , non-governmental organization that volunteers to work for the public welfare in India and advocates the development of youngsters and children belonging to different sections of the society.

Our country witnesses several unacceptable discretions in the life of kids belonging to the bpl families. Kids dropping out of schools because their parents cannot afford their education, poor sanitation built, lack of health-care etc.

The foundation started out in 2009 in a small town, Vashind , in the state of Maharashtra. We started out with upholding several counselling sessions for these parents who mostly work on a daily wage, to prioritize the education of their children.

Initiatives of Akshara

Akshara works with the aim of providing under privileged children the basic and major necessity to overcome their atrocity: ability to get educated. So far we have covered 3 small villages and 20 schools in Vashind. We work in several distinguished ways to achieve our aim. Our team distributed education kits involving school uniform, books, bag, pencil box and other utilities to drive children to school. Also, we assess students’ ability on basis of merit and their incapability on the basis of means by visiting their family and analyzing their background and we provide help accordingly.

So far we have supported 7000 students from grade 1 to grade 10 in their journey to overcome poverty by means of education. But it’s not enough. We aim to enlighten our country with the sphere of knowledge. And it’s a long way we plan to go.

  • 35
    Small Villages
  • 100
    Schools All over Maharastra
  • 23000
    Student Studying

The Solution

Talking big is what everyone does today. We plan to implement. Our team brainstorms to decide several ways in which we can drive kids to school. One policy we opt is implementing the government proposed mid-day meal programs and successfully so. Because hunger is a root cause of major suffering. And it should compel parents to send their kids to school.

Akshara also conducts several sessions for personality development, hygiene importance, proper sanitation, English speaking and others to boost our preliminary aim of convincing parents to send their children to school.

Our motto speaks for itself

'No one should be deprived of education because of hunger'

Our Pillars of Akshara

Education Support

Support us in sponsoring a poor child as one of the poorest and the least developed villages at Vashind has many challenges. Opportunities for education are not distributed equally. Many children do not get any or only a very limited education. They will often be drawn into supporting the family's livelihood. A lack of education is one of Vashind’s biggest Problems.

Livelihood Training

‘Livelihood Training’ is our pillar which aims at solving the problem of school dropouts without marketable skills. This training enables the Youths to gain expertise in skills like Electrical Wireman, A/C Refrigeration, Motor Mechanic, Motor Driving, etc. for boys and courses like Tailoring, Cutting, Beautician, Mehendi etc. for girls.

Development Center for Children

The Center will include Library and also Digitalized Classes for children Digitization of education can assist in addressing many of the factors, including, access to education, affordability, language, distance, and discrimination. Furthermore, it enables the mass delivery of quality education across geographical boundaries.

Akshara Swatchtha Abhiyaan

This project will Reconstruct the Toilets of ZP schools which will keep children and also place nearby schools Hygienic with Healthy Atmosphere.

Skill Development

Akshara Samajik Prathisthan in association WeSkill, is running Women Skill Development Program which is line with National and Maharashtra State Government’s skill development initiative.