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Privacy Policy

AKSHARA SAMAJIK PRATISTHAN will keep the users updated about its happenings and developments through bulletins and newsletters with an option of not to subscribe the same.While forwarding a donation for AKSHARA SAMAJIK PRATISTHAN the well-wishers have to submit a few personal information as it would help us ensuring genuine contributions:

  1. Your-name
  2. Your-email-and-mailing-address
  3. Your-telephonenumber
  4. Your-payment-processing-details
  5. Any other data as AKSHARA SAMAJIK PRATISTHAN may require

You will be asked to provide your personal information when making donations, requesting communications, applying for a job with AKSHARA SAMAJIK PRATISTHAN and/or in connection with other AKSHARA SAMAJIK PRATISTHAN business (whether it is via the website, e-mail, direct mail or telephone communications).

All relevant information collected through Akshara Samajik Pratisthan website is handled and used by internal and authorized officials only.

Akshara Samajik Pratisthan is not liable for any form of loss, damage or harm caused to the users as a result of misuse of personal information by a third party, tracked through a liked site of Child Help Foundation or otherwise, and who is not an employee of Akshara Samajik Pratisthan.

Akshara Samajik Pratisthan holds the discretion to modify the terms and conditions under privacy policy.

Akshara Samajik Pratisthan has a layered security in our systems and only designated employees have access to hard copies of your personal information.

Personal information will be shared internally at Akshara Samajik Pratisthan to complete your donations or purchasing transactions, to contact you about our on-going work, discuss employment opportunities and ways that you can further support our efforts to help children in need. Your personal information will also be used to provide you access to the various sections of our website that have been personalized for your needs.